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Half Barrel Rain Barrel

Half Barrel Rain Barrel

Half Barrel Rain Barrel


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    Similar in storage volume to our top selling RC4000 Rain Catcher barrel, the Half Barrel is designed with a flatter depth back-to-front for placement in locations where space is at a premium.

    Features include:

    • The opening in the top of the barrel has a clip-in aluminum mesh screen and safety rib to keep debris and mosquitoes along with pets and children out of the barrel.
    • The flat back design makes it easy to place and install the barrel against a wall.
    • Spigots on the side of the barrel allow you to connect multiple Half Barrel rain barrels in series allowing easy expansion of your rain water storage capacity.

    Place them around your home to catch fresh chlorine-free water as it pours from your downspouts - Water that would otherwise make its way into storm sewers only to be wasted. Rain barrels not only save you money but lessen the strain on water resources.

    Designed with a natural looking wood grain finish this 45 gallon rain barrel is an attractive and functional addition to your backyard space.

    • The barrels are constructed of recycled, UV inhibited, BPA free polyethylene.
    • Approximately capacity 170 litres / 45 gallons
    • Includes clip-in debris screen, garden hose, shut-off thumb valve, hanging hose clip, and linking kit for connecting to other Half Barrel rain barrels.
    Plastic: Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
    Assembled Dimensions: 20"D x 25"W x 32"H
    Total Volume: 6 cu ft / 45 Gallon / 170 Litre




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