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FCMP Outdoor Raincatcher 45

$234.99 CAD
FCMP Outdoor Raincatcher 45

FCMP Outdoor Raincatcher 45

$234.99 CAD

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With the appearance of a traditional wooden barrel the FCMP Outdoor RC45 Rain Barrel is perfect for locations where a larger barrel would be intrusive.

With a fixed lid the opening of the barrel is small enough to prevent children or pets from entering the barrel.

The 3.5 ft garden hose with shut off valve can be used for filling watering cans or can be attached to longer garden hoses bringing water further into your garden.

The flat back of the barrel allows easy placement against a wall.

The 45 gallon capacity will ease the strain on municipal water resources and your plants will love the healthy chemical free water.

Constructed with recycled content the durable UV resistant polyethylene plastic will look great for years. Place them around your home to catch fresh chlorine-free water as it pours from your downspouts - Water that would otherwise make its way into storm sewers only to be wasted. Rain barrels not only save you money but lessen the strain on water resources.


 Plastic: Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

Assembled Dimensions: 19.5"D x 22"W x 31.5"H
Total Volume: 6 cu ft / 45 Gallon / 170 Litre

Colour, Black - UPC: 628344140062